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The importance of wine tourism:

(Source: Survey by ArteBacchus amont wineries in Cataluña, Spain, 2015)

  • I think visits are important to gain customer loyalty.
  • 100% important to promote our company.
  • Each visit is important to us as quite often they come back to buy and/or they recommend the visit and our products to friends, family members, companies
  • Very important, since given the modest dimensions of our winery they help us much to make more direct sales.
  • Very important. It is the gateway that allows us to access potential customers which otherwise would be inaccessible to us.
  • Very important, as above all it gives the opportunity to come to know a protected designation of origin (PDO) (note: in Spanish: D.O. = Denominacion de Origen) like ours, which is not known broadly.
  • Very interesting. Coming to know the product establishes an emotional relationship which with other products the client does not have.
  • Very important for enhancing and strengthening the brand.
  • We understand that this service of offering visits to our winery is very important in order to consolidate the brand and to increase customer loyalty.
  • Essential. It is the only possibility for small wineries to survive in a global market.
  • Many of our current clients became clients after a visit. Or they come for a visit to reaffirm. So it's very important




The audioguide for your winery


You will know this situation:

Guests and visitors of your winery come from all around the world. However a guided tour in their native language is not always possible at short notice.

With the ArteBacchus Audioguide you can now offer visits in many different languages ... at the same time!

This is how it works:

You do the tour in your native language— The visitors listen to you via the ArteBacchus Audioguide in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, .....

The visitors simply download the ArteBacchus app onto their smart phones and they are ready to go!


You do the guided tour in your native language, the visitors listen to it in english, german, french, russian, etc. ...

Your visitors can download the app and the audioguide before they come to your winery

Only at the reception area of your winery will the audioguide be unlocked.


Which languages are important for you?
With which languages can you attract new visitors?

  • Tell us into which languages you would like us to translate your tour.
  • Send us your texts — we take care of the rest with professional translators and sound studios.






Other great uses for your audio guide:

Do you offer many products in the sales area of your winery?

If this is the case, then especially during the most intense times where you can not to attend to each visitor personally, the audio guide can be of help. They can get all the information about your products independantly. Just assign a number to each product, a number your visitors will find in their audioguide. And explain each product. Get your visitors excited with well detailed information.

If you wish we can include background music during your explanations.

Do you have a wine museum?

Use the ArteBacchus audioguide to transform your museum into an active area of sales: Describe individual pieces in relationship with stories related to your winery. For example: «Alfonso, the founder of our winery and the grandfather of the current manager used this ....»

Museo1      Mueso2





Foreign tourists. the gold mine for your expansion!

(Note: The following relates to Spain and especially also to the autonomous region of Cataluña with its capital Barcelona. However similar situations will also be found in other regions of the wine world.)

Spain is the biggest tourist destination in Europe:

The example of Cataluña indicates the opprtunities for the expansion of your business..

Everything starts with this figure: 18.311.800

This is the number of tourists which visited Cataluña in 2014. (Source: Idescat based on a study by Frontur del Instituto de Estudios Turísticos (IET) ); Grafik: Fact Advertising & Consulting AG, Suiza)


In July and August of 2015 we conducted a survey of 700 wineries in Cataluña.


  • First we researched all the wineries in the autonomous region of Cataluña based on the lists published by the Regulators of the various D.O.s (AOC in France, DOC in Italy).
  • For each winery we looked for their website to find the email address.
  • This resulted in 612 wineries which we could use for our survey.
  • We sent our questionnaire to each winery, and after some reminders we ended up with 87 answers. This constitutes a return rate of 14% which is satisfactory for a survey like this.
  • Of the 254 wineries which we found to be offering winery visits 62 sent us a reply. This represents a 24% return rate from wineries which offer visits.


Considering that Catalunya is Spain's biggest tourist destination it was a surprise that most visits were undertaken by local wine lovers.

Here we should exert caution and understand, that many foreigners speak english to various degrees. So among those who enjoyed visits in English there may have been people from any different countries.

Of 699 wineries in Cataluña 254 offer visits.

The majority of the visitors to small and medium sized wineries in Cataluña are locals or Spanish. (70%).

The market of more than 18 million foreign visitors to Cataluña has hardly been exploited and is open to the EXPANSION for short term and long term benefit.

An example: Considering that 1.500.000 Germans visited Cataluña in 2014 and that Germany imports 3 million hectolitres of Spanish wine (Source: Deutsches Weininstitut, www.germanwine.de), the number of German tourists who visit wineries in Cataluña is rather low. Disclaimer: Germans may well have conducted guided visits held in English. (We should also tell you that our survey did not include the figures for the big three groups: Codorniu, Freixenet and Torres — brands which are well known in Germany.)



It is important that tourists become more aware of your winery!

We can show the millions of tourists that Spain has a lot more to offer than beaches, the pyrenees and the big cities. That many more attractions are waiting to be discovered by them — such as fabulous wineries.

And that is why after we analysed the results of our study we decided to build a second app right into the ArteBacchus Audioguide and which you can use independently from the audioguide:

The ArteBacchus InfoSystem:  The system of information about bodegas in 10 languages.



What do you prefer? Buses with tourists or individually travelling ones?

We understand from a number of talks with wineries, that visitors who come with tourist buses often do not buy much.

For you however any visit still is promotion of your brand.

And while we do not know how many tourists who come to Cataluña by airplane come as a group or as individuals, we know from statistics, that many visitrs to Cataluña travel individually.

Based on the statistics we know that more than 4.7 million tourists travel by car.

(Source: Idescat based on data from a survey conducted by Frontur del Instituto de Estudios Turísticos (IET) ); graphics: Fact Advertising & Consulting AG, Suiza)

This is why we have GoogleMaps integrated in the ArteBacchus InfoSystem.

For them the ArteBacchus InfoSystem should become the guiding tool to find you.

All information is readily available

With a tap on the button "Information" all information about your winery becomes immediately availble.

The user can connect directly to your social network (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

You have a newsletter system? If so, users can subscribe to it direcly through the app once they have selected you as a favourite.



If not, then we can send newsletters to users who have marked your winery as a favourite.

Through your personal management page on the internet you can personally update any of your information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (or 366 when it's a leap year)





Your products

Introduce your products with informative texts and photos.

Modify or update your product list at any time.

Should you need translations for these informations we will gladly take care of this for you.




Product details

Wine aficionados will appreciate detailed information about your products.

Which grapes have been used?

How long was the ageing process and in what kind of barrels did the wine or cava/champagne/prosecco age?

For which occasion do you recommend your wine?

What is the secret behind your exceptional vinegar or oil?




From the ArteBacchus InfoSystem clients can order your products directly

You can enter your phone number for telephone orders.

If you have an online-shop, they will be guided directly to your shop.

You can enter more details about shopping as you can see in the image.





Finding your products across the world

Sus visitantes vienen de todas partes del globo.

Tell your visitors about your world wide distributors. This way they can find your products easily when they are back at home.





The users can also find you on the internet www.wineryvisit.wine


     ArteBacchus Internet

Clicking on your image or your name they can read detailed information about your winery in as many languages as you wish.





Get in touch with us

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