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The ArteBacchus Audioguide is a platform for many wineries. — Each winery however is unique.

ArteBacchus Audioguide

You develop the content of your ArteBacchus Audioguide based on your personal needs. Of course you have our full support during this process:

  • For each individual station of your wine tour you write the accompanying text.
  • Our recommendation: simply record a regular tour and later type it up. This way you can make sure you won't forget any important statements.
  • Personalize your ArteBacchus Audioguide with appealing photos. The samples to the right give you an idea
  • Should you occasionally change the tasting wines then record all the possible products.
  • It is you who decides in which languages your tour should be available in. Be it one or be it several.




The ArteBacchus InfoSystem

You can combine the ArteBacchus Audioguide with the ArteBacchus InfoSystem. With this you can present all the details of your winery which are of interest to your visitors.

Here you can explain what makes your winery special.

With detailed descriptions of your products (be it wine, champagne, olive oil or vinegar) you will help your visitors in reaching decisions at the time of purchase.

For direct purchases you can link to your online store.

You can also inform them where they can buy your products around the globe.

You can change all this information in your personal admin page at any time.




Our service for you:

A. Establishing the base of your ArteBacchus-Audioguide

You send us your texts and the photos of your products and we take care of

  • Translating your contents / texts
  • Photos for the audioguide (if needed)
  • Photo editing
  • Translations
  • Voice recordings in professional studios

B. Publication service

  • Provision of the ArteBacchus platform in multiple languages.
  • Initial preparation and upload of all elements of your presentation (audio, texts, photos) in all languages you wish to have.
  • Access to your personal admin area, where you can modify the texts of all your information pages at any time.
  • List of your products and product description, which you can modify yourself at any time.
  • Should you wish to add more languages to the ones you already have, then we will only charge you for the costs up to and including the sound studio. The introduction of a new language to your existing ArteBacchus Audioguide will be done free of charge.
  • We keep you informed about how many visitors designate your products as "favourites".

Get in touch with us

We are looking forward to your mail or call:


Telephone Spain: +34 652 8000 46, (We speak english, german, spanish.)

Email Switzerland: marketing@factadvertising.ch

ArteBacchus is a product of:

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